Version 1.0.8 alpha, 24.01.2002
                             The brief description.


1. What is MixMP3?
2. Features.
3. System requirements.
4. The Author.

1. What is MixMP3?

   MixMP3  is a coder of the sound information in a popular format mp3
   from  a  sound  card.  If to be more  exact,  it not the high-grade
   coder,  and  only  a superstructure above Lame engine or Fraunhofer
   acm  codec.  The program allows to write down the sound information
   directly  from  a  sound  card  on  a hard  disk in a mp3-format in
   real  time  if  opportunities of the equipment certainly allow. The
   program is executed as the console application.

2. Features.

   - Recording the sound information in the mp3-format with bitrates
     8, 16, 20, 24, 32, 40, 48, 56, 64, 80, 96, 112, 128, 144, 160,
     192, 224, 256 or 320 kbps; 16 bits; 8, 11, 12, 16, 22, 24, 32,
     44 or 48 kHz, in stereo mode, joint-stereo or mono mode.
     (see keys -b, -d, -m).
   - Automatic cutting pauses on the given level (-s).
   - Automatic  it  is  cut  mp3 a stream on files  four various ways,
     including on pauses (-split1..4).
   - Possibility of choice used encoder - lame or fhg layer-III acm
     codec (should be installed in the system) (-fhg).
   - Operation  in the spy  mode when  the window of the program
     is invisible (-hide).
   - Recording with sampling rate 64 or 96 kHz from a sound card
     (it is interesting, if somebody have one?:). Thus forms mp3 the
     file(s) with sampling rate 48 kHz :) Only  for  lame.
   - Choice of quality of coding - high, low, normal. Only for lame.
     (-ql, -qh).
   - Termination after a given period of time. Time is set in
     minutes (there can be a fractions of minutes) (-t).
   - Installation of the increased priority for encoder. Actually by
     operation in Win9X (-a).
   - The exit on appearance of the given file-flag (-x).
   - Automatic deleting of a constant component of a signal
     (-dc for disable).
   - Usage of lame mode - ABR (average bitrate) (-abr).
   - Usage of lame mode - VBR (variable bitrate) (-vbr).
   - Possibility of a program control from other applications
     (see interproc.h, mmp3_monitor.cpp).
   - High "competitiveness" for system resources in multitasking
   - Playback of mp3-stream (-play).

3. System requirements.

   The operating system: Windows NT 4, a Windows 2000 or
                         a Windows 9X/ME;
   The processor: iP-200 (mono mode or poor quality) or iCeleron 333
                  (stereo with excellence); for an effective
                  utilization fhg encoder need the processor with
                  clock rate not less 600 MHz;
   The RAM: 32 Mb;
   The Sound: a 16-bit sound card.

4. The Author.

   The author of MixMP3 program - Dmitry Lesnikov. To contact me use