1.0.8 alpha, 24.01.2002

   - Default output file name generate now from current date and

   - VBR is now work with samplerate below 32 kHz.

   - Possibility of using lowpass and highpass filters is added.

   - The algorithm of competition for resources of the processor
     is slightly changed.

   - Possibility of temporary suspend of recording (Ctrl + P)
     is added.

   - Is added possibility of usage variable bitrate (VBR) (-vbr).

   - Possibility of playing mp3-stream (-play) is added.

   - Possibility of cutting of files on pauses (-split4.) is added
   - Possibility to use external mp3 acm a codec (-fhg) is added.
     The codec should be installed in the system, for its usage with
     bitrates > 96 kb/s the processor not worse iCeleron-600 is

   - Possibility to record a signal from a sound card with sampling
     rate 64 and 96  is added :)

   - Possibility of deleting of a constant component of a signal is
     added. This mode is included by default. It is disabled by -dc

   - The error sometimes bringing in change by places of stereo-
     channels and/or blending them is corrected:) at automatic cut
     of  pauses.

   - Possibility is added to hide window of the program at operation

   - Is added possibility of usage average bitrate (ABR) (-abr.)

   - Possibility of coding with normal quality which was not is
     returned, since version 1.0.5.

   - The interface for obtaining the information on operation of the
     program from other applications
     (see  interproc.h, mmp3_monitor.cpp) is added.

   - Output of write time and a name of an output file in a window
     title is added.

   - Possibility of the indication of time of limitation of recording
     in nonintegral values of minutes is added.

   - The error of incorrect output of time of limitation of recording
     is corrected.

   - The pair fine bugs is corrected.